Dr. Gary Peters, DC  502 S Sullivan Rd Veradale WA 99037        (509) 924-0504


Dr. Peters spends the time to find out where you're hurting and takes the time to fix you up. He's great!
Sean - Spokane

Dr. Peters is a credit to his profession. I love listening to Positive Life Radio while being treated by this fine Christian gentleman. He will find a way to help you no matter what your status, beliefs or resources.
David - Spokane

I am new to Spokane, Washington and have been with the same chiropractor for about 4 years, and I was in need of a new chiropractor since I moved away. I looked for the one closest to my home and this one was it. When I met the chiropractor, I was very impressed with him and he did a very good job. I will be returning for future help. I would recommend others to go to this chiropractor.
B. - Spokane

Before we came to see Dr. Peters, our 2-year-old was on his fourth round of antibiotics for ear infection and cough, and our 3-month-old was on her first round of antibiotics for an ear infection. I have a “bad back” and had surgery years ago, and my wife gets tension stored up in her shoulders and neck. I had been to a chiropractor previously, but my wife and kids had not.

We were amazed! After our very first adjustment (and quitting all the antibiotics), our 3-month-old’s ear infection cleared up the very next day! Our 2-year-old was significantly better by the end of the week! My wife has seem great improvement in her neck and shoulders, and my back has become more flexible again.

We have told many friends about Dr. Peters and how much he has helped our family’s health. What a blessing! Thank you, Dr. Peters!
Todd, Jennifer, Jonathan & Amanda - Newport
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