Dr. Gary Peters, DC  502 S Sullivan Rd Veradale WA 99037        (509) 924-0504


  • Upper Cervical Health Care - restoring brain/body communication for optimal health.
  • Manual Adjusting - restoring spinal alignment for proper nerve function.
  • Low Force Adjusting - gentle instrument adjusting for the sensitive patient.
  • Thermographic Imaging - cutting edge diagnostics, better than x-rays.
  • Posture Correction - hold your adjustment, look better, feel better.
  • Extremity Rehabilitation - shoulders, elbows, hands, knees, feet, etc.
  • Massage Therapy - get well faster with muscle balance and functionality.
  • Nutrition - feed your body proper nutrients for lifetime good health.
  • Pregnancy Care & Postpartum Care - expert specialized care for moms and their babies.
  • Newborns & Children - specialized care for kids ensuring proper growth and good health.
  • Permanent Pain Relief - ongoing care will keep you healthy - it’s easier to stay healthy than to get healthy.

Whatever Your Goals We Can Supply Your Needs

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