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Neck Pain

Neck Pain
Another common complaint among our patients is neck pain. This is often associated with shoulder pain, arm pain, and pain between the shoulders.neck-pain-250

The causes of neck pain are numerous. Traumatic injuries are common because the neck supports the head which weighs as much as a bowling ball and thereby subjects the neck to whiplash type injuries. Incidents such as bumping the head on an object, a slip/fall, an auto accident, even a misstep can cause the weight of the head to exert damaging forces to the fragile structures of the cervical spine. Postural stresses due to forward head carriage or hunched over positions and the like can cause micro trauma which, over time, will build up and result in a painful condition.

Concurrent with conditions which bring about neck pain will be a destabilization of the structural integrity of the neck which allows the vertebrae to be misaligned. This gives way to nerve interference which prevents healing and restoration of structural integrity.

Your chiropractor can restore the alignment of your neck, removing nerve interference, allowing normal healing. If you leave such a condition untreated, you’re setting yourself up for a chronic condition, which will plague you time and time again with painful reoccurrence of symptoms. A chiropractor trained in posture correction can not only get you out of pain and restore the structural integrity of your neck, but also correct your posture to prevent future bouts of neck pain due to postural stress.

See your chiropractor to help you enjoy a healthy, pain-free neck. And visit him every month to keep yourself healthy and prevent painful problems from occurring.

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