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Chiropractic for Kids - Why Your Kids Need Chiropractichannah-supine

Chiropractic care is more critical for children than for adults. Almost all adults' spinal problems begin in early childhood. If you want your kids to avoid the problems that you ended up with, you must provide care for their spines as early as possible - from birth if you can. I have specialized in caring for newborns to teenagers for over 20 years, and can testify to the remarkable difference chiropractic care makes in the health and development of children. Get your kids to a chiropractor now! Don't wait until they develop problems to suffer with throughout their lifetimes.

Babies grow at an incredible rate, and they need to be free of any impediments to their development. As their bodies grow, so do any problems that are developing. A few months in a young child's life is equal to years in an adult's life. During the first 5 years of your child's life, much of the cartilage that makes up your baby's skeleton turns to bone. This is the time that simple, temporary problems become permanent. As the old saying goes, "As the twig is bent, so grows the tree." Do not allow your child to remain "bent."

Even in-utero (before birth) many children suffer trauma to their spines. In the womb motion is critical. As the father of medicine, Hippocrates, observed, constraint over time in one position produces physical alteration. Since a fetus develops 7 times faster than an infant, it takes very little time for in-utero constraint (being stuck in one position) to cause malformation and altered development. Pregnant moms: if you notice an absence of your baby's typical movement for more than a day of two, get yourself to a pediatric chiropractor immediately! Also, if your baby has not moved into the vertex position (head down) after your 7th month, see your pediatric chiropractor. There are wonderful natural, gentle methods to help turn your baby into the right position. If your baby is stuck in a transverse or breech position during these last two months you are virtually assured of spinal trauma and congenital disorders in that precious little child. Chiropractic care during your pregnancy has been shown to shorten and ease labor and delivery as well.

Hannah's story: our middle child was carried very low in my wife's pelvis during her last 2 months in the womb. Unbeknownst to us, her head and neck were stuck in an abnormal position. She had a beautiful midwife-attended birth at home without a hand laid upon her except a gentle caress as she slipped out onto the bed. We did all the right things throughout pregnancy, labor and delivery (my wife, Cheryl, is a Bradley childbirth instructor and I a pediatric chiropractor). We were shocked to discover that Hannah was born with congenital torticollis. I have been intensively adjusting that precious little girl since birth, and it took about a year to see her holding her head up straight. I thank God she was born into a chiropractic family.

Birth trauma is another major threat to your baby's health. Even "normal" delivery techniques have been proven to cause spinal injury. Typical long lever procedures by hand, forceps or vacuum extractor exert tremendous stresses on a baby's delicate spinal structures. Forces of 60-80 pounds of traction are considered normal in the delivery room. Medical researcher, Towbin, found that 80 pounds of force produced spinal cord hematoma and 120 pounds caused decapitation. How many obstetricians can gauge the difference between 70, 80, 100 or 120 pounds of force?

Early childhood is the next major hurdle your little ones must get through. Kids have more falls, tumbles and strains in the first few years of life than in the rest of their entire lives. Watch your kids and think about it. The National Safety Council reports in a study of 536 children that 50% had fallen on head first from a high place in the first year of life - never leave your baby unattended! Then you have play injuries, sports injuries, etc., etc. Most parents take their children's "owies" much too lightly. Developing young bodies are considerably more vulnerable to permanent effects of such injuries - remember the "twig and the tree?" Get them to your chiropractor.

Spinal traumas, as well as, chemical, emotional and environmental stresses that overcome the body's ability to adapt cause vertebral subluxation (misaligned spinal bones interfering with nerve system function). The resultant nerve system deficiency interferes with your child's normal development and ability to remain healthy. The unique qualification of the chiropractic doctor is the detection and correction of vertebral subluxations.

Vaccinations and drugs are also major threats to your children's health. Dumping these poisons into your child's little body is criminal, except to save a life. There is tons of info out there regarding these topics. I thank God that the "Information Superhighway" has brought the truth to light on these and so many subjects and that people are waking up. Wake up and get informed. You are responsible for making crucial health decisions for these innocent little ones.