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Healthy Living

Healthy Living : Body, Soul and Spirit
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In these articles we will equip you with knowledge and tools to enable you to survive and thrive in the absence of doctors or drugs. You will enjoy the confidence you’ll have in taking care of your and your family’s health needs.

The Health Benefits of Coconut Oil
The most recent breakthrough on understanding the health benefits comes from Dr. Mary Newport’s work on Alzheimer’s in her husband. She identified organic coconut oil as an excellent source of fuel which can increase brain functions.

Heaven and Earth
For quite some time I'd been wondering about certain passages of Scripture which didn't seem to make sense. And the Lord revealed an understanding that led to a bible study I call The Earth Dwellers.

Move It!
Too much sitting is not just bad for your back

It’s well known that excessive sitting aggravates low back conditions and destabilizes your lumbar spine making you prone to back injury, but recent research links it to life threatening health issues.

Sorry, No Magic Pill
You’re not going find the secret to health and vitality in some magic potion derived from the exoskeleton of a prehistoric crustacean found in a deep ocean cavern or in some exotic berry harvested from the rain forest canopy of Bolivia.

Back Pain
Many patients that come to us do so for treatment of back pain. Low back pain being most common.

Neck Pain
Another common complaint among our patients is neck pain. This is often associated with shoulder pain, arm pain, and pain between the shoulders.

Happy Feet
Are your feet happy? I wrote an earlier article on Barefoot Running in which i touched on the downside of wearing shoes and of the running and walking style inherent in a shoe-wearing culture.

How to heart4-60 Your Back
Slouch. Whether standing or sitting, slouching puts terrible stress on your neck and back.

When should a child have their very first Chiropractic examination?

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