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Back Pain

Back Pain
Many patients that come to us do so for treatment of back pain. Low back pain being most common.back-pain250

So, I thought it appropriate to present a few words on the subject. Although oft times the patient can attribute the pain to an incident, such as, a fall or heavy lifting, most times the back pain seems to come out of nowhere. This is because it develops over time with the tissues involved weakening and deteriorating gradually.

The deterioration is typically due to the tissues being starved of their normal nerve supply and progresses to the point of back pain manifesting. The answer lies, therefore, in restoring the nerve supply. This is the forte of the chiropractor.

The tissues involved are various, and can include ligaments, disks, muscles, tendons, joint capsules, nerves, and even bones. The cause of deterioration is usually misplaced vertebrae which impinge upon nerve roots, thereby decreasing the flow of nerve energy. Nerve supply is what brings vitality to tissues and organs throughout the body. Without proper nerve supply, the affected tissues and organs will degenerate and eventually break down.

Back pain or any pain is a sign of damaged tissue. Your body naturally heals damaged tissue as long as there is no interference to the process of healing. Disruption of normal nerve supply both causes the damage and prevents healing. In order to stop the degenerative process and restore healing ability, nerve interference MUST be removed.

Chiropractic care accomplishes this by adjusting the spine to restore normal alignment, thus freeing the nerves and renewing nerve supply.

See your chiropractor to get rid of your back pain, keep seeing him to keep it from coming back, or, this is a novel idea, see him to keep from getting it in the first place!

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